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June 18, 1998

Spokane Country Club

Last Saturday evening, the Spokane Country Club held their Centennial Celebration. This once in a lifetime event was attended by over 400 of our members and their children, aged from under one year old to over 90 years old. Planning activities and entertainment for such a diverse audience is a real challenge.

The theme for our event was a turn-of-the-century picnic, complete with antique cars, horse and buggy rides, a dunk tank, ice cream social and fireworks. The centerpiece of the event was the Cornucopia Concert Band, seated on a 30' by 24' stage along the edge of our ninth fairway. Members and their families sat in the shade of three tents on the fairway to enjoy the music and nostalgia presented by the band.

I have been doing special events at the Spokane Country Club for twelve seasons and have to admit that I have received more positive response about the Cornucopia Concert Band than any other entertainment I have employed. They were professional in demeanor and played an exceptional variety of music appropriate to the era providing a memorable evening for our guests. The vocalists were superb and the costumes added an air of authenticity to the entire presentation.

In their closing piece, their coordination with the fireworks company created a fantastic five minute finale of color in the sky accompanied by the "Stars and Stripes Forever". This brought a standing ovation from the crowd and produced an experience that could truly be considered memorable!

For anyone interested in period music, or just seeking four hours of outstanding entertainment, I heartily recommend the talents of the Cornucopia Concert Band.


Timothy A. Walker, CCM
General Manager

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